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Written by Michael Costanzo
What do you think about when you hear ‘good health’ mentioned? Most people tend to picture healthy foods and exercising, but that’s only part of it. A healthy lifestyle revolves around combining good habits that help benefit your mind and body. 

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to a well-rounded approach to a healthy lifestyle!
Written by Michael Costanzo
No one is happy all the time, however, having a positive mindset can always help even when things don’t seem to be going your way. When we think negatively, we attract the same. Conversely, switching to a positive mindset means that things will generally turn out in your favor.

Choosing a positive mindset means your courage will increase and you’ll be more likely to explore new things that give you the results you’re hoping to achieve. Boosting your confidence with positive thoughts can keep the cycle going, and keep you motivated to accomplish your dreams. 
Written by Michael Costanzo
Every year, millions of people swear they’ll get in shape and lose weight. However, nearly half of those that do use fad diets. Unfortunately, that’s a recipe for disaster since fad diets aren’t designed for long-term success.

The promises of losing weight without changing lifestyle habits, counting calories, or exercising are appealing enough though that people keep falling for these types of diets every time. 
Written by Michael Costanzo
The differences between thin people and overweight people aren’t just what you see on the outside. 

It’s what you don’t see that creates these differences in appearance. 

Taking a look at the health habit of thin vs overweight people sheds light on the biggest differences.

So, what do thin people do differently when it comes to health habits?
Written by Michael Costanzo
Making the decision the lose weight and get healthy is amazing.

You are deciding to get healthier, live longer, be happier, more confident and have more energy. 

Those are all fantastic things to strive for…
Written by Michael Costanzo
Stress and anxiety…

These terms are becoming more and more common with children and adults.

Unfortunately, many people suffer from increased stress and anxiety without any ways to properly cope and handle it.
Written by Michael Costanzo
If you’re ready to start your weight loss journey or you’re already on that journey then I have some good news.

Along the way you will experience some amazing benefits associated with your weight loss.

Some will be internal benefits and some will be external.

The best part is they will all increase your quality of life!
Written by Michael Costanzo
Society has taught us that spending money on our health is expensive.

That living healthy costs a lot of money.

A gym membership and trainer is too expensive…

Fresh food from the farmers market is too expensive…

I can’t afford to take time off for my mental health…
Written by Michael Costanzo
It’s no secret that most people have a few extra pounds they want to shed.

And a lot of people would love to drop that weight.

In fact, many do lose weight.

But the problem is that most people fail to keep it off for good.

But why?
Written by Michael Costanzo
It’s no secret that most people have a few extra pounds they want to shed.

And a lot of people would love to drop that weight.

In fact, many do lose weight.

But the problem is that most people fail to keep it off for good.

But why?
Written by Michael Costanzo
Are you living the life you deserve?

A life where you're confident in your own skin?

Happy, healthy and living life to the fullest?

Unfortunately most people are not and I'm here to tell you it's not your fault!

It's not your fault social media teaches us we're never good enough...

It's not your fault that it's cheaper to eat fast food than to eat healthy organic meals...

It's not your fault that society makes us feel less than.

With that said, you have a decision to make...
Written by Michael Costanzo
It's safe to say that everyone feels unhappy from time to time...

Life is hard...

Life is stressful...

Sometimes it's overwhelming.

And it's ok to feel unhappy.

Here are a 5 ways to shorten any sadness you feel.
Written by Michael Costanzo
Are you being held back from achieving your health goals?

Whether you want to lose a few pounds...

Or adapt a healthier lifestyle..

There is typically something holding back people from achieving those goals.

So before setting any goals...
Written by Michael Costanzo
You and I face many obstacles on our health and weight loss journey...

Self doubt...

Negative influences...

Stress and overwhelm in life...

But one of the biggest obstacles we face is cravings!
Written by Michael Costanzo
I'm not sure about you...

But when I think about my health I tend to focus on my weight.

While being a healthy weight is always great...

I am guilty of over looking something else very important to my health...

My mind.
Written by Michael Costanzo
Starting to live a healthier lifestyle can be completely overwhelming.

Between learning about different diets...

The various exercises people talk about...

Friends and family's input...

And the abundance of information your read online...

It's no wonder people get overwhelmed and never take any action.
Written by Michael Costanzo
If I could give you a very simple "life hack" that will make you happier and healthier...

Would you use it?

Good, I would hope so!

Because who wouldn't like an easy way to enjoy life more.

So what is this life hack?
Written by Michael Costanzo
You and I deserve rewards once in a while...

Especially if we are succeeding in our health and weight loss journey.

But too often people forget to encourage themselves.

I don't mean rewarding yourself with a cheesecake if you lost 2 pounds this week.
Written by Michael Costanzo
Want to lose some of that stubborn weight? 

Easy, just go on a diet!

Well, not so fast. You see diets have a long history of failing people time and time again. 

Actually, most people that go on a diet will lose some weight. 

But eventually with time, they struggle with the discipline required of some fad diets out there.

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