My name is Michael Costanzo and I have been passionate about living a healthy lifestyle for over five years now. It all started when my daughter was born and I wanted to live a long, healthy life for her and my family. After having a health scare of my own, I realized that something had to change if I wanted to live the life I was dreaming of.

Since then, I have dedicated much of my time to researching different ways in which individuals can become healthier. From nutrition to exercise and even mental well being, I've looked into every available way to help people gain control over their own bodies and minds. As a result, Healthy Mind Body & Soul was created with the mission of sharing what I learned with others in hopes that they too could benefit from it.

Now living in Florida with my beautiful wife, three year-old daughter, and one month-old son, I am more motivated than ever before to help others achieve wellness through Healthy Mind Body & Soul. In addition to providing content on the blog portion of this website, there is also a YouTube channel devoted to helping individuals learn how to make healthier choices in their everyday lives.

Every day brings new challenges when it comes to maintaining our health but this is something that we can overcome together by educating ourselves on the best possible ways we can stay healthy. Through proper nutrition, physical activity and mental well-being we can live vibrant and fulfilling lives despite the pressures of modern society.

I am constantly striving towards making Healthy Mind Body & Soul an even better resource for people looking for advice on how they can stay fit both mentally and physically - so if you're ever looking for inspiration please don't hesitate to reach out!

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